Story Generator


Story writing can be a difficult task for some students. Sometimes even the best story writers get stuck and do not know what to write about. This "Story Generator" is a great way to overcome the biggest hurdle of figuring out what to write about. The "Story Generator" provides a character, setting and conflict to get all students going. There are over a million combinations to choose from!

Students can generate their own stories or the classroom can work as a group and choose a story altogether. Either way this digital role of story will accomodate all your students' needs--without having to differentiate or accomodate instruction. This application allows all students to write a story at their own writing levels, while at the same time makes this task engaging and fun. The "Story Generator" provides students with the idea and conflict and students then develop their stories from there. Best of all, even though students may have the same character, setting and conflict, this digital role of story allows for open-ended learning to take place, consequently you will have various stories within the same criteria format. The "Story Generator" is a great application that allows for all students to be engaged and most importantly learn in a fun way!

How To Use

  1. Go to our Get a Room Pin page.
  2. Select the story generator pin.
  3. Go to and enter your room pin.
  4. You will load our Story Generator.