Technology in the classroom can be fun and engaging. It encourages collaboration, communication, and creativity. We have created a wide array of technology tools that you can use in your classroom.

Roombop has developed various applications that you can use in your classroom. Regardless if you are teaching a primary, junior, intermediate or senior class, our tools will work for you.

Our tools are best used in a classroom on a smartboard or a computer hooked up for the students to see.

How To Use

  1. Go to our Get a Room Pin page.
  2. Select the type of tool you want to use.
  3. Go to and enter your room pin.
  4. You will load our educational tool.
Our Tools


Do you need a better way to display a calculator in your class? Using the built in one on your smart board too small for your students to see? Our calculator is easy to use.

Just load our calculator and everyone in your classroom will be able to follow along.

Some ways to use a Calculator in your classroom:

  • Display to show answers for students.
  • Display tto show students how to complete basic functions.
  • Great for working with large numbers.


Do you need a better way to display the time in your class? Is the school clocks always behind or ahead? Our Clock is accurate and easy to use.

Just load our clock and you will have the time showing within your classroom in no time. We have also included a colored background option. Simply click the time and the background will change toa random color.

Some ways to use a Clock in your classroom:

  • Display the time when your students are completing an Exam, Test or Quiz.
  • Display the time during parent interview night.
  • Behavior monitoring and center management.

Countdown timers are a fantastic tool in maintaining a good pace in a lesson and keeping students focused.

Simply put in the number of minutes and seconds you want to countdown from and then press the blue "Start" button. We even have a nice progress bar at the bottom that automatically adjusts to the time that is left.

Some ways to use a Countdown in your classroom:
  • Display the time when your students are completing an Exam, Test or Quiz.
  • Limit how long your students have to get ready.
  • Countdown how much time left for snacks.for
Do you need a better way to show students positive and negative integers? Do you want to count how many students completed a task? Our digital counter is easy to use.

Click the blue "ADD" button to count up and the blue "SUBTRACT" to countdown.

Some ways to use a Counter in your classroom:
  • Keep track of numbers, both positive and negative
  • Great for teaching Math!
  • Track students.
Digital Dice
Do you enjoy dice activities in your classroom but never have enough dice? Stop worrying about getting the dice back from your student with our digital dice tool.

Simply load our digital dice and you now can roll as many dice as you need, as many times as you want. There are NO limitations.

Some ways to use our Digital Dice in your classroom:
  • Math Activities
  • Roll A Story
Mark Percentage
Do you you constantly calculate the percentage that students achieve on a test? Quickly calculate percentages without the hassle of a calculator.

Our Mark Percentage tool is super easy to use. Simply type in the total that your assessment is out of and click "Make table". You will automatically be given the grade and percentage for your assessment.

Some ways to use our Mark Percentage tool in your classroom:
  • Display the time when your students are completing an Exam, Test or Quiz.
  • All other types of assessments
  • Show the table to your students or use it to quickly add percentages to marked work!
QR Generator
Looking to incorporate QR codes in your classroom? Need a quick way to share links with students? This easy to use QR generator is for you!

Simply type in the address you want to share with your students. Your students will now have access to the url, instantly in a QR code.

Some ways to use our QR Generator tool in your classroom:
  • Add a QR Code posters around your classroom
  • Link your QR code to a YouTube video you want students to watch
  • Create QR codes for the answers. Students need to use their device to find the answer to the problem.
Are you always telling students the amount of time they have left to complete a task? Keep track of time with our simple to use stopwatch.

Our stopwatch has 3 buttons, Start/Stop, Reset and Record Time. Simply pressing Start/Stop turns on and off the timer. Reseting the timer back to 0 is a click away, by using reset. While the timer is running, you can click Record Time to keep track of multiple students.

Some ways to use a Stopwatch in your classroom:
  • Mad Minutes
  • Quick Writes
  • Presentations
  • Physical Education
Word Counter

Do you need a better way to count words in your class? Do you want students to check word counts for programs that don't have built in word counters? Our word counter is easy to use.

Just load our word counter and you will have instant access to a total number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs.

Some ways to use a Word Counter in your classroom:

  • Count sentences in student writing.
  • Great for applications that don't have counters such as gmail or outlook.
  • Total your word count before your students comment on Google Classroom.

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