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Physical Geography Full Course - Roombop
Physical Geography Full Course - Roombop
Physical Geography Full Course - Roombop

Physical Geography Full Course

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This resource is a full course that focuses on the physical geography. This is a great package that is divided up into 5 units, with a total of 88 lessons. Lessons are 75 minutes in length. Each lesson includes a hook, teaching material (google slides, google docs) and a lesson or activity related to the lesson topic. This package is related to Canadian Geography, it provides global examples. The unit also includes all assessment pieces, quizzes and final test.

This course was designed based on “Earth Matters: Studies and Physical Geography” textbook written by Ron Chasmer (ISB10: 0195415558). Having this textbook available for your students would be helpful when teaching this course, however it is not required. The course expectations are based on the Ontario Curriculum, Forces of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters, Grade 11 University/College CGF 3M). However this resource can be adapted for any Physical Geography course. It can be used as a full complete course or great a supplement to an existing course

Each lesson comes with attached resources such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Embed videos and information. For each lesson, the students are given background information and directed to what concepts and information they need to learn. They are then provided worksheets/activities based on the given content. In each unit folder is a “Unit” file that lists all the slides and documents. When in the Unit file, you can open all the pdfs and powerpoint files in Google Docs and Google Slides.

Everything is editable in Google Docs & Google Slides. However, these files are formatted and work best in the Google Suite. For this resource, you will receive powerpoint and PDF files that are ready to use and print. All the files are sorted nicely in unit folders and in order of usage. However, again, they are all accessible in the Google suite.

This is a “teach and go” package-- it includes EVERYTHING that you need to teach this course!

This course covers the following units (which are also for sale individually):
Unit 1 - The Earth
Unit 2 - The Lithosphere
Unit 3 - The Hydrosphere
Unit 4 - The Atmosphere
Unit 5 - The Biosphere

Each unit has the following:
> Quiz Review
> Quiz
> Unit Review
> Unit Test
> Unit Assignment (the assignment is also available separately, here)

This resource also includes a culminating assignment plus an exam. Purchasing this course saves you $20!

Please Note: This unit is best used in classrooms that have Smart boards and Chromebooks or iPads available to the students. Look at the preview file for additional information.

**Note:This package is in a ZIP file.